The most accessible Densen standard model!


Date: 2020-09-30


Densen老闆Thomas Sillesen很重視全球追隨者,經常互通消息。Thomas處事有自己一套和標準,直接反映自產品電路、外形、甚至按鈕位置。


Our YouTube Live mentioned two AIR speaker cables on the previous day---LS-1204 AIR and LS-804 AIR, both are 4-core design, how should we choose?






Compared to the LS-2404 AIR and even LS-4004 AIR speaker cable, LS-1204 AIR and LS-804 AIR are more affordable! What are the similarities and differences between the two, so that the enthusiast will know their choice?


The price of silver, a precious metal, is about 100 times higher than that of copper!





Inakustik's flagship NF-2404 AIR Pure Silver RCA cable

AIR technology is a milestone in Inakustik's 40-year history and has shaken the entire audio industry. The following statement sounds nothing new, but it is true that "Physical loss must be minimized in order to keep the original music signal as constant and neutral as possible." And AIR technology makes signal transmission closer to lossless than ever. . It leads to a significantly better sound reproduction, which is not only subjectively audible but also objectively measurable.

Audiovector launches The R6 series on September 1st


Date: August 31, 2020


Since 1979, we have designed, developed and hand-made Audiovector speakers in Copenhagen, Denmark, and today we can finally announce the launch of the new Audiovector R 6 series. A series of speakers, a fusion of evolution and new inventions. We believe that all the functions that a pair of high-end speakers should have can provide, improve speed, improve dynamics and clarity.

Audiovector R 6 series brings 112 updates and improvements over the previous version





Flagship model will be launched in September


In the words of the Danish brand, the R 6 series is "compared to the previously very popular SR 6 series, it has undergone a comprehensive update, adding more than 112 new additions, changes and improvements."

AC-3500P power processor---limited delivery!




The effect of Inakustik Referenz AC-3500P (six-bit) power processor has long been debated among enthusiasts. They have just arrived again. Due to the limited quantity, you have to buy them and upgrade your replay system immediately...