The external power supply is upgraded, you will know it once you hear it!

Date: 2021-04-12


Display of Audiovector R and QR series!



How to choose the best power cord?


Audio power requires a continuous and stable current supply. For example, an amplifier needs to obtain a large current in a very short period of time under large dynamic music. Is a power cord that meets electrical specifications not good enough?


HI-FI+ 2020 HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD – Audiovector R 3 Signature


Date: 2021-03-29


Why does Audiovector's new generation diaphragm use carbon fiber?


Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is a high-temperature resistant fiber with high-strength and modulus , which is an advanced variety of chemical fiber.


Audiovector's Flagship R 8 Arreté



Mr. 陳海川 asked a question for Audiovector's flagship R 8 Arreté in the HiFi audio. The content is quite on point:

Absolutely a dazzling and provincial masterpiece! It is a pair of speakers that are very vivid and precise, allowing me to receive and feel more details and express emotions. But it is different from the characteristics of a calm analysis and a pure listener without emotions. It can be described as quite reckless and emotional. It should make it easier for you to find the moving position in music and interpretation. Of course, everything has a price. If you want to get better and higher enjoyment, of course you must pay a higher price accordingly!