Our YouTube Live mentioned two AIR speaker cables on the previous day---LS-1204 AIR and LS-804 AIR, both are 4-core design, how should we choose?






Compared to the LS-2404 AIR and even LS-4004 AIR speaker cable, LS-1204 AIR and LS-804 AIR are more affordable! What are the similarities and differences between the two, so that the enthusiast will know their choice?


The price of silver, a precious metal, is about 100 times higher than that of copper!





Inakustik's flagship NF-2404 AIR Pure Silver RCA cable

AIR technology is a milestone in Inakustik's 40-year history and has shaken the entire audio industry. The following statement sounds nothing new, but it is true that "Physical loss must be minimized in order to keep the original music signal as constant and neutral as possible." And AIR technology makes signal transmission closer to lossless than ever. . It leads to a significantly better sound reproduction, which is not only subjectively audible but also objectively measurable.

Audiovector launches The R6 series on September 1st


Date: August 31, 2020


Since 1979, we have designed, developed and hand-made Audiovector speakers in Copenhagen, Denmark, and today we can finally announce the launch of the new Audiovector R 6 series. A series of speakers, a fusion of evolution and new inventions. We believe that all the functions that a pair of high-end speakers should have can provide, improve speed, improve dynamics and clarity.

Audiovector R 6 series brings 112 updates and improvements over the previous version





Flagship model will be launched in September


In the words of the Danish brand, the R 6 series is "compared to the previously very popular SR 6 series, it has undergone a comprehensive update, adding more than 112 new additions, changes and improvements."

AC-3500P power processor---limited delivery!




The effect of Inakustik Referenz AC-3500P (six-bit) power processor has long been debated among enthusiasts. They have just arrived again. Due to the limited quantity, you have to buy them and upgrade your replay system immediately...

Audiovector + Densen + Inakustik示範會

Date: 2020-01-22




Date: 2019-10-10

   Audiovector R8 Arreté是香港發燒友能欣嘗到的最高級型號(老二),而上星期六20位光臨我們示範會的朋友都知道。


Date: 2019-08-15

    在這遍社會氣氛下,2019 High End Show順利完成,而發燒友還是相當關注我們的產品,感受甚深。


Date: 2019-05-21

    Audiovector + AVM + Inakustik

上星期六下午示範會匆匆便過去,不單止讓大家開心;同時令我們對剛接觸不久的這個SR3 Avantgarde型號揚聲器有了更多的使用經驗和了解,原因是它被挑選了在這個四、五百尺全吸音的空間內為多位發燒友進行示範,而仍然保持著各種良好的聲音特性,Audiovector動態大起大落,聲音開揚舒服又悅耳,音響舞台超大之餘透明度高,下潛力足,充滿了激情…。


Date: 2019-04-23


   上星期六不時下雨,我們跟發燒友交流丹麥Audiovector SR6 Avantgarde揚聲器心得和聲音。今次活動是通過AVM訊源CD8.2及合併擴音機A8.3策動揚聲器。同時間亦少不了Inakustik AC3500P電處…。

Hi Fi Review評論Audiovector QR系列於影音系統上

Date: 2019-01-14

   Hi Fi Review作者丑奴兒以別出心裁的方法闡述她對Audiovector QR系列的感受,一針見血:



Date: 2018-09-12

    AVM CS2.2銷量大,這才會有CS6.2及CS8.2出現。

Hi Fi Review 為何賞識Inakustik AC-2404電源線?

Date: 2018-06-28

    六月份Hi Fi Review 刊登了一篇Inakustik AC-2404評論,作者是經驗豐富的樂德勳,就看他如何評論:

近月HiFi Pig magazine一篇原產丹麥Audiovector SR3 Avantgarde測試!

Date: 2018-06-21



Date: 2018-03-22

    u-audio.com.tw音響網站報道了 ELAC 超低音揚聲器 (用於兩聲道) 測試,當中描述非常準確和精彩,值得大家細味。由於文章長,我們只選出了重點作介紹。欲看全文,請您登入它們的網站。