AC-3500P power processor---limited delivery!




The effect of Inakustik Referenz AC-3500P (six-bit) power processor has long been debated among enthusiasts. They have just arrived again. Due to the limited quantity, you have to buy them and upgrade your replay system immediately...

The factory's brief introduction to AC-3500P:

The ideal 230V/50Hz AC mains waveform is smooth, but in fact it appears jagged due to current noise. Since electronic products need direct current to work, it is necessary to convert alternating current. At this time, it is not necessary to bring miscellaneous signals to direct current. For this reason, Inakustik has designed a high-frequency filter power processor, which eliminates the clutter, and the effect is significant without weakening the powerful dynamics.


New Wellwick's statement:

It does not have its own voice personality, it is dynamic and has excellent sound characteristics, and can be plugged into various ring sound and display equipment.



High efficiency filter

Shock absorption sub-chassis

Symmetrical wiring

6 high-quality output sockets

High current AC input socket (IEC C20)

metal shell

Brushed aluminum panel

Indirect power indicator

Power off (two contacts)

Over-voltage protector


Technical specifications:

Working voltage: 100-230 VAC / 50-60 Hz

Maximum working current: 16 amperes

Maximum power: 3680 watts

Dimensions: about 450 x 370 x 160 mm

Weight: about 12.8 kg