Audiovector launches The R6 series on September 1st


Date: August 31, 2020


Since 1979, we have designed, developed and hand-made Audiovector speakers in Copenhagen, Denmark, and today we can finally announce the launch of the new Audiovector R 6 series. A series of speakers, a fusion of evolution and new inventions. We believe that all the functions that a pair of high-end speakers should have can provide, improve speed, improve dynamics and clarity.

Audio Vector Free Ground® Concept:

The true original concept of Audiovector is the Audiovector FreedomGrounding® concept, which eliminates distortion and improves overtones, reduces background noise, and increases image depth and focus. The FreedomGrounding® concept is another step towards perfection.

3-inch rear-firing speaker unit:

In order to further improve the realism and 3D performance, the new R 6 Arreté now uses a rear-fired 3-inch midrange speaker unit and has its own dedicated crossover. The use of backfire sounding technology is inspired by our Reference R 11 and R 8 Arreté. This structure also adds the perfect component of the midrange.

New composite bass system:

All R 6 models have been fully upgraded with a new bass system. All models use an equal pressure composite bass system to make it more responsive, more precise and dynamic. We use a handmade 6.5-inch built-in woofer unit and an 8-inch external woofer unit. The system breathes through the perfect bass reflection on the front of the speaker.

Our lifelong mission on audio-visual equipment:

We strive to optimize the pleasure of listening and the joy and pride of ownership. We are committed to our advanced principles and high-end technology, and carefully develop and hand-produce each product in our factory in Copenhagen, Denmark. Innovation always serves music. When new concepts or new technologies are introduced, it is because it allows us to optimize sound quality and listening pleasure. Since 1979, we have been adhering to the design concept of "form follows function" so that we can always present shocking, timeless and elegant designs.

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