The price of silver, a precious metal, is about 100 times higher than that of copper!





Inakustik's flagship NF-2404 AIR Pure Silver RCA cable

AIR technology is a milestone in Inakustik's 40-year history and has shaken the entire audio industry. The following statement sounds nothing new, but it is true that "Physical loss must be minimized in order to keep the original music signal as constant and neutral as possible." And AIR technology makes signal transmission closer to lossless than ever. . It leads to a significantly better sound reproduction, which is not only subjectively audible but also objectively measurable.

Air insulation and pure silver conductor material

Due to air insulation, the insulation or dielectric of the AIR conductor is almost perfect, and it hardly affects the sound. The structure, size, and layout of the conductor have been improved. Physically feasible methods have been used to make them. The developers of Inakustik pay attention to conductor materials and understand that copper of appropriate purity is a very good conductor. Superconductors that have no current resistance are even more perfect. However, the superconducting properties of the material require a low temperature of at least -70 degrees, which is difficult to apply in reality. And silver is currently the most conductive material under actual conditions. At 61.35 S/m (the electrical conductivity units is Siemens per meter), its conductivity is about 6% higher than that of copper. However, the price of silver, a precious metal, is about 100 times higher than that of copper.

In theory, the cross-section of copper can be simply increased. However, there will be considerable compromises in the construction of the wires, which will eventually have a negative impact on the sound. This is why we decided to ignore the cost and continue to push to the limit. The result appears in the legendary AIR Helix structure and associated air insulation (the best dielectric other than vacuum) combined with the best conductor material in the form of pure silver, instead of using alloys or just silver-plated wires. The high-quality sound of the excellent AIR-Silver has now become the hi-end standard.

Air isolation and flexibility

The AIR Helix structure is absolutely unique. In order to get as close as possible to perfect air insulation, in-akustik has developed a special clip. Inside the wire, a certain number of these buckles form a support frame, allowing the signal conductors to hang in the air, spiral freely, and guide them through the buckles at a specific distance.


Of course, the conductor itself also plays an important role. They are braided on PE core by 24 strands of high purity silver wire. The thin lacquer layer of the wafer on the wires prevents eddy currents in the "cross braided ultra-high speed waveguide". The thin paint layer also protects the wires from oxidation.

NF-2404 AIR Pure Silver is the best solution to achieve low inductance of the speaker cable: due to the double-layer multi-core double-layer layout, the magnetic fields around each conductor overlap and cancel each other, greatly reducing the inductance of the wire; Unhindered transmission without time delay.

Product feature:

•Pure silver conductor

•Air spiral structure

•The air dielectric ensures extremely low capacitance

•Cross braided ultra-high speed waveguide

•Double-layer multi-core neutralization longitudinal inductor

•Silver core thin paint layer prevents eddy current and at the same time resists oxidation

•Braided shielding layer

•PE network sheath to prevent micro-vibration

•Connector: Tellurium copper is closer to double the conduction force than copper

•Rhodium-plated tellurium copper extremely enhances wear resistance