Winning awards is based on strength, not bragging


Date: 2020-10-06


We are very grateful to HiFi Review Archimedes for thoroughly speaking our impressions and thoughts on this speaker cable. Inakustik LS-204XL Micro Air won the 2020 Most Playable Speaker Cable Award from the above-mentioned magazine. It is indeed based on strength, not bragging.



The following text is from Archimedes's "Hi-Fi Review" article:

. They are all pursuing air insulation, but the way to achieve it is completely different, but the benefits are successfully extended to a lower price range, and the strength is enough to rank "Referenz".

. Through the LS-204 XL Micro Air speaker cable... the familiar inakustik sound seems to be back

. (Dielectric) is a necessity for wires, but at the same time it becomes a resistor/capacitor, which produces capacitance to store and discharge energy. Although the capacitance is not large, for the rapidly changing music signal, this delay is enough to affect the signal Issues such as transmission integrity, time difference, and phase effect. The higher the level of your sound system, the clearer the influence will be heard

. (Shielding design) Some brands may use this as a tuning method, but inakustik's first goal is not to tune the voice, but to achieve high fidelity as much as possible. After working hard in this area, it considers how to compromise.

. The best dielectric is cannot be commercialized. Take a step back. Air insulation is second only to vacuum. To use air, the feasibility is much greater than vacuum.

. The speaker wire has six conductors, each conductor is multi-core pure copper, the cross-sectional area is 2.62 mm²...the number and location of their (concentric copper) contact points are arranged, so the signal transmission speed can be faster , More consistent. And pointed out that the signal transmission of a single copper is not as orderly as their multi-core design

. The cores are coated with a thin layer of Polyethylene polyethylene film to prevent oxidation


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