Densen now launches the B-175 Integrated Amplifier. The B-175 is the most powerful integrated amplifier ever from Densen, but despite that contains a care for details and nuances that is stunning. From the first look on the B-175 it is obvious that the B-175 is something special in the Densen family. It has the fascia of the B-250 preamp, and combines this with the brute and forceful cabinet of the B-350 mono block with its recessed heat sinks. This is no coincidence, as the B-175 merges the technology of Densens 2 current top of the line products; the B-250 preamp and B-350 mono blocks in one cabinet. Naturally some corners have been cut, to shoehorn such advanced products into the cabinet and budget of the B-175. However as always with Densen, the choices have been taken purely on sonic ground. The performance of the B-175 is therefore outstanding, and belies its modest price. The B-175 delivers 2x125w in 8 ohm, and 2x250w in 4 ohm, and does this with an ease and control, that must be heard to be believed. The large recessed heat sinks, allows for the amplifier to run with a high bias, thereby securing that most power in normal listening conditions are delivered in Class A. The power supply is made with a toroid transformer, encapsulated for isolation of vibrations to the main PCB, and with separate outputs to all critical stages of the power and preamp sections of the B-175. As always with Densen, it contains custom made capacitors made especially for the circuit in which they are used. No less than 15 custom made capacitors is used in the power supply of the B-175. Further to that, for the first time ever in a Densen amplifier, there is used Densen’s own film capacitors. These film capacitors are the result of a long research of the behavior of capacitors in critical paths of amplifiers. As such they are tailor made to the way Densen designs amplifiers, to give a performance not even found in the most well respected audiophile capacitors offered by other c
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Technical Data:

Power output 2 x 125 W (8 ohms)
Power output 2 x 250 W (4 ohms)
Power supply size 500 VA
Storage capacity 90.000 µF
HD + Noise @ rated output  Less than 0.05 %
Frequency response (+0 -3db) 2 - 500.000 Hz
Product dimension (W x D x H) 440 x 310 x 64 mm
Weight 16 kg