Densen has over the years produced many well respected preamplifiers, the DM-20, B-200, B-250 and B-275 to name a few. Now Densen introduces the B-230, a new high end preamp at an affordable price. Taking many of the innovations from the B-275 Super Leggera preamp, the B-230 offers a new level of performance.
The B-230 is filled with advanced solutions, which all share the goal of giving you even more musicality.
The volume level is controlled by an extremely precise attenuator made of Vishay metal film resistors, which is switched by relays controlled by the microprocessor. In comparison with a normal volume potentiometer of the kind used in the majority of all preamps, the microprocessor controlled attenuator has virtually no self-induced noise and an extremely low distortion. This results in an unsurpassed precision and refinement, and the attenuator contains no less than 200 steps! This makes it possible to adjust the volume very precisely (0.5dB) even when the sound is so low that an ordinary volume control would create an uneven balance between left and right. Compared to the popular digital volume controls used in many amps today, the difference is even more substantial. Digital volume controls typically uses FETs for their regulation, and has signal paths with up to 600 components inside the IC. As such, they lack transparency and detail level. This the B-230 microprocessor controlled attenuator has in spades!
The B-230 contains a socket for the DP-07 MM RIAA stage. There is also the possibility of upgrading the B-230 with the DNRG, 1NRG or 2NRG external power supply to further enhance the sound quality to experience truly breath-taking musical experiences.
The amplification stages are all refined developments based on advanced Class A designs, which have been encapsulated on the board to avoid any kind of interference with the delicate signal. The output stage is a dual mono design with an extraordinarily huge storage capacity (90.000 µF) that would make most other power amplifiers envious. This design produces a musicality which is truly outstanding by any standards. In addition it contains separate regulators for display and microprocessor. It also contains a very powerful PSU for audio, with separate regulators and capacitors for each channel.

Line & tape inputs     4 & 1
Preouts                       4
Power supply size      20 VA for microprocessor and display,
50VA for the audio    circuits
Storage capacity       90.000 µF
Output stage            based on 6 Watt Class A amp with zero feedback
Product dimensions   400x310x64mm