The B-330PLUS is a direct descendent from the top of the line B-350 mono blocks. The B-350 mono blocks act as the internal reference at Densen. Basically, the B-330PLUS is a stereo power amp based on the B-350's technology, and uses the distinct mono block cabinet with its recessed heatsinks as the basis for an extremely affordable reference power amplifier. The B-330PLUS contains several exciting features. Externally on the back panel there is a switch to adjust the gain, so it either works perfect with a traditional preamp or with a CD with variable output. There is also a D-Sub15 connector, allowing for Link connection to other Densen products, and for auto power on/off. The D-Sub connector can be daisy-chained in multi-room systems. B-330PLUS is also prepared for the SAXO electronic crossover. This is done by mounting the crossover internally in the B-330PLUS in a socket. The SAXO crossover will fit all passive speakers on the market.
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Technical Data:

Power output 2 x 120 W (8 ohms)
Power output 2 x 240 W (4 ohms)
Power supply size 750 VA
Storage capacity 110.000 µF
HD + Noise @ rated output Less than 0.1 %
Product dimension (W x D x H) 440 x 310 x 64 mm
Weight 15 kg