The B-350PLUS is Densen's top of the line power amp. The new B-350PLUS contains a completely new output stage, built using Densen’s unique "DMCD" technology (patent pending). This makes the B-350PLUS extremely fast and precise, while retaining unlimited control of the speakers. The bandwidth has also been improved and the B-350PLUS goes to 400.000Hz, resulting in improved slew-rate and an extremely fast and detailed sound. The B-350PLUS is built using surface mounting technique, and the components are mounted to a precision of 0.02mm using silver solder. All soldering are carried out in an artificial nitrogen atmosphere to avoid oxidation of the soldering. The power supply is massive and consists of a 750VA transformer and has a storage capacity of 100.000uF with 4 separate rectifiers, 2 of which are capable of 3.000VA. Unusually for an amplifier, not all the capacitors are mounted in a capacitor bank, as some are located next to the output stage for faster power delivery. All resistors are laser-trimmed metal film from Vishay with a precision of 0.1%. The B-350PLUS delivers 125W at 8 ohm, and 250W in 4 ohm. No local or global feedback is one of the key issues with the B-350PLUS. This technology is further improved with Densen’s new patent pending DMCD (Dense Mass Current Distribution) circuit. By using the DMCD circuit, the current is at all times present at the output terminal. This results in an extremely low output impedance and a truely non-feedback amplifier. The printed circuit board is made of teflon and is double-sided, allowing the signal to be placed on one side and ground plane on the other, thereby optimizing interference free signal transfer. The B-350PLUS contains several exciting features. On the back panel there is a switch to adjust the gain, so that the B-350PLUS works perfectly with a traditional preamp, as well as a CD-player with variable output. There is also a D-Sub15 connector, allowing for DenLink connection to other Densen products,
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Technical Data:

Power output 2 x 125 W (8 ohms)
Power output 2 x 250 W (4 ohms)
Power supply size 750 VA
Storage capacity 110.000 µF
HD + Noise @ rated output Less than 0.1 %
Product dimension (W x D x H) 440 x 310 x 64 mm
Weight  15 kg