• Gigabit LAN

• 3-fold shielding (SF-FTP)

• 4 twisted pairs

• Silver-plated conductors

• 24 AWG solid conductors

• Conductors made of high-purity OFC copper

The Excellence CAT cable is specially designed for high speed gigabit networks and streaming from HD audio and UHD video formats. The threefold shielded twisted pair cables (SF-FTP) protect the sensitive data content against external interferences. The thick silver-plated signal conductors and the perfectly adapted impedance ensure fast and smooth data transmission. The metal plugs with gold-plated contacts ensure optimum contact and minimal contact resistance. 

Low-loss PE insulation

• 24c gold-plated contacts

• HD-Audio streaming

• UHD Video Streaming

• Very low jitter

• Textile Jacket