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SR 3 Arreté Raw Surface Limited Edition

ARRETÉ - A HIGLY SPECIALIZED MODEL The Arreté models are to Audiovector what AMG is to Mercedes, RS to Audi and M to BMW: Highly specialized and tuned versions of a great product. AN OLD GREEK SYMBOL Arreté is an old Greek symbol, which means: Being able to perform everything to the highest standards. This model is based on the SR 3 Avantgarde, which was the original top model in the SR 3 range. In itself a fantastic speaker, this models inspired keen listeners to ask: Is it possible to improve the performance even further? A TOUR DE FORCE Ole Klifoth rose to the challenge and went on a tour de force through virtually all aspects of optimization in the fields of drivers and cross-overs, driver/cabinet interaction, speaker-floor interaction, cryogenic treatment – and much more. A couple of years later, the SR 3 Avantgarde Arreté was born.
SR3 Arrete Limited edition