A benchmark to celebrate 90 years of ELAC achievement.

ELAC’s chief engineer Andrew Jones explains how Uni-Fi Slim speakers are built on the same foundation: “My goal with the original Uni-Fi series was to create a line of speakers with technology and performance normally reserved for speakers costing significantly more, by going with a 3-way design and employing a new in-house developed concentric driver. With Uni-Fi Slim, design-conscious listeners can enjoy the same outstanding sound along with more elegant proportions ad slim, high-quality cosmetics.”
Uni-Fi Slim can be the basis of an outstanding two-channel system, or used to build an awe-inspiring multi-channel surround-sound system. Add an ELAC subwoofer for the last word in music and movie soundtrack reproduction.

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Like a precision instrument, Uni-Fi’s flagship floorstander ...


Space constraints should never compromise great sound, and ...


The perfect complement to a Uni-Fi surround-sound system, ...

Concentric 5 ¼”3-Way Floorstanding Speaker