• 45° angled BFA plug

• Solid screw contact with hexagon head screws

• Rhodium-coated

• Large contact surfaces

• Cable diameter: 7.5 mm

• Cable cross-section: 10 mm²

• Elegant design with soft rubber surfaces

• Black/white marking

• Referenz BFA-103-45/45°, Set of 4

The angled shape of the new BFA-103 banana plug relieves the strain on the contact sleeve and the device socket. This facilitates the connection of heavy high-end cables without damaging the plug or connection terminals on the device. In addition the angled cable route saves space behind devices and loudspeakers. The body of the plug consists of a solid socket with two hexagon head screws and can accommodate cables with a cross-section of up to 10 mm2 or a diameter of up to 7.5 mm. All contact elements are coated with rhodium and guarantee long-lasting low contact resistance.