The CAT7 Referenz cable is a LAN cable for high-end network connections. Because of the high production quality, it well surpasses the specifications required by EN50288-4-2 / IEC61156-6 (600 MHz), and reaches band widths of over 1200 MHz. This makes it equipped for high-speed networks with 10 Gbps (10 Giga bits per second). It was however, through exacting maintaining the impedance of its data lines, especially conceived for low-loss HD audio and HD video streaming. The PE-Network Jacket also prevents disturbing microvibrations, while the high-grade CAT Referenz plug rounds the product off.

Four twisted-pair data lines

Foamed PE lead insulation

Data pairs equipped with separate foil shielding

Common braided shield

PE-Network Jacket

Referenz metal plug


RJ45 <> RJ45; SF-UTP 0,75m
RJ45 <> RJ45; SF-UTP 1,5m





Surpasses CAT7FA specifications

Cable diameter: 8.2 mm

1200 MHz band width

Supports 10 Gbit high-speed LAN networks

Supports HD-TV streaming

Supports HD-Audio streaming