On our way to perfect insulation, we realized many innovative designs – for example, the DUO PE insulation or the PETS (PE tube support). Now, another groundbreaking invention has arrived: the Referenz NF-2404. A product that again raises the bar and approximates the ideal of pure air insulation as closely as never before. For this product, in-akustik has designed a special clip: Inside the cable, many of those clips are arranged to form a special helical support holding two symmetrically arranged conductors freely in the air while maintaining the exact distance to the shield. The structure is highly flexible thanks to two crosspieces that do not only interconnect the clips but also ensure highly accurate spacing in-akustik refers to this design as the Air Helix. Just like all loudspeaker and audio cables from the Referenz series, the NF-2404 is entirely made in Germany. The clips are meticulously assembled by hand at the on-site factory and then threaded into the Super Speed waveguide. The resulting Air Helix is then provided with a shield and the PE network jacket and finally fitted with GAP-RCA-II or XLR plugs.

It may seem paradoxical but thanks to this highly innovative air-insulation design, enjoying hi-fi sound becomes a virtually breathtaking experience.


Stereo; RCA <> RCA 1,5m
Stereo; XLR <> XLR 1,5m