These smart High Speed HDMI cables are extremely thin with a diameter of just 3.6 mm. You benefit from the exceptional flexibility of these cables. In addition, they are extremely light and therefore particularly suitable for connecting mobile devices and unobtrusive installations. Threefold shielding minimises external interference factors such as those emitted from smartphones. The sensitive signals are transmitted without hindrance. An integrated special chip in the plugs of the 3m and 5m cables ensures the highest level of performance for greater lengths, too. Enjoy ultra-HD pictures in a 2160P resolution and perfect 3D displays.

3-fold shielding

Conductors made of high-purity OFC

Ultra thin (3,6mm) and highly flexible

Tin plated copper conductors (oxidation protection)

HDMI® 2.0 compatible


HDMI Ethernet <> HDMI Ethernet 1,5m
HDMI Ethernet <> HDMI Ethernet 3,0m
HDMI Ethernet <> HDMI Ethernet 5,0m