The Referenz USB 2.0 cable has been designed especially for low-loss HD audio streaming. The data lines consist of fine, separately lacquer-insulated copper wires (high speed conductors). In combination with the high-quality materials, they reduce the jitter effects that particularly affect the sound quality when streaming audio data. Sensitive data is additionally protected by 4-fold shielding. Extremely generously proportioned cables for the power supply of e.g. external hard drives minimize voltage fluctuations. Even with particularly long cables, they ensure that the peripheral devices function perfectly and therefore data is transferred with low error rates. The product is rounded off by the high-quality Referenz USB plug and the precise manufacturing.

High speed data cable

Special data cable insulation

4-layer shield

PE-Network Jacket

Referenz metal plug

Very low jitter


USB A <> USB B 0,75m
USB A <> USB B 1,5m
USB A <> USB B 3,0m
USB A <> USB B 5,0m
USB A <> USB Mini B 0,75m
USB A <> USB Mini B 1,5m
USB A <> USB Mini B 3,0m
USB A <> USB Mini B 5,0m