QR3 Floorstanding Speaker


The design goal of the QR series has always been to offer the most advanced technology in a perfectly finished and proportioned high-end package. The sound is big, bold and dynamic, yet subtle and detailed when required and an excellent solution for all types of music.

The fascia plate is machined from a single piece of Aerospace Grade Aluminium. It has been precision machined, glass blasted, brushed and then anodized in an attractive Tungsten Titanium Grey. It features a rose gold-plated dispersion mesh, which works as an S-Stop filter. This new Audiovector drive unit has the ability to work like a perfect piston over several octaves of the frequency band without the distortion normally found in aluminium/diamond drive units. This means music sounds warm, precise and detailed, yet dynamic and musical.


At Audiovector we only use carefully selected real wood veneers. Standard finishes: White Silk, Dark Walnut, Black Piano (Cloth Grille Included)

。Treble system:Gold Leaf AMT with S-Stop
。Gold Leaf upper limit:105 kHz
。Bass drivers:6”Pure Piston Technology
。Frequency response:30–45 kHz
。Sensitivity:90 dB
。Impedance:4 Ohms
。Power handling (music):200 W
。Dimensions cm (H x W x D):94.2 x 19 x 23.2