Inakustik theory and applied


Inakustik factory demonstrated the test data in a global agent product technology class, which proved that the characteristics of the wire are measurable (it will affect the sound of course), and it has nothing to do with myths. Through the live demonstration, we further understood the performance of the Inakustik AIR line and realized that their sound has its advantages. As you can see in the picture, Holger Wachsmann, the chief designer of Inakustik, put forward the various problems faced by wire conduction signals, and with the help of LCR instrument and simulation device (as shown in the picture), the measuring conductor was synthesized under the condition of using PE and air as insulators. The different values of capacitive reactance, inductive reactance, and reactance against current (ohms are the calculation unit) prove that using pure AIR as an insulator brings excellent data, which can be reflected in the sound.