2018 Guangzhou Hi End Show


It should be said that the weather is bad and the flow of people is decreasing. Audio manufacturers from all over the world still send personnel to participate. Ole Klifoth and Mads Klifoth of Audiovector, came from afar to cheer us up. At the same time, they hosted product launches, hosted distributors, and introduced the brand's history, philosophy and product features.

For the demonstration, New Wellwick used the Danish Audiovector loudspeaker for the first time, the model is SR6 Avantgarde Arreté, so that curious dealers and audiophiles can learn about the new product and listen to it. Due to the sensitivity of SR6 Avantgarde Arreté of 92.5 dB, it is easy to drive; on the other hand, even if we choose 225 watts per channel stereo amplifier to serve it, when the dynamic power exceeds 400 watts, there is no audible distortion. The sound effect is recognized by Ole and Mads. Many tributes to us.

As Ole said, the sound of the audio system is particularly good until the third day of work. It is open, stretched, fast, controlled, with dark background, airy, and huge soundstage. Finally, if Hong Kong audiophiles are interested in listening to Audiovector, please visit our showroom and distributors to have a good experience.