2018 AV Show


New Wellwick represent a number of European audio brands, most of which have been demonstrated in the exhibition. Although Audiovector and other loudspeakers are brand-new products, the effect is still basically up to the requirements, and audiophiles who keep coming back have confirmed this estimate.

Sven Schulz, Head of Export Department of Inakustik, Germany, and Holger Wachsmann, Head of R&D Department, came to our room. They are friends we have known for many years. Sven has always been close to people; while Holger is gentle, and belongs to the typical technical school. Holger brought the AC-3500P power station to audiophiles, whose design direction is to eliminate high-frequency noise. I still remember that at the Inakustik factory in Germany in May, Holger pointed out that the AC-3500P will not lose its dynamics! The performance of this audio show convinced us that it does not have common problems ---for example, the sound is slim but lacks momentum; or the noise is reduced, but the high frequency is greatly reduced. Dare to believe that audiophiles can testify.

As for the Inakustik AIR Series cable, in addition to the demonstration, we also announced the upcoming NF-1204 AIR signal cable and LS-1204 AIR speaker cable. They inherit the AIR technology and dare to believe that they are the real hi end products that are affordable in the market. Due to the high quality of Inakustik's products, which helped New Wellwick achieve good sales results, our colleagues took over the award from Sven.