2019 Guangzhou Hi End Show


The Audiovector R 8 Arreté loudspeaker that we represent have attracted countless enthusiasts to stay and appreciate carefully during the three days of the exhibition. The atmosphere on site was hotter than expected.

Inakustik LS-1204 AIR Pure Silver speaker cable seamlessly connects Octave amplifier and Audiovector speaker, showing the quality and personality of the two. The Inakustik AIR Pure Silver speaker cable reflects how common cables pollute or distort the sound of the audio system. At this moment, it must be a sudden realization for enthusiasts. During the period, two enthusiasts said that the sound of the New Wellwick room at the exhibition every year has not disappointed...

As for the other small audio system, Densen takes full control of Audiovector QR 1. From this point of view, Inakustik AC-2502F power cord, NF-1204 AIR signal cable and LS-40 speaker cable are all performing their duties.

By the way, Audiovector is easy to drive and match from the standard model QR 1 to the flagship R 11 Arreté. As long as the loudspeaker is fine-tuned with cables, the sound system effect can be fully utilized.