2021 Guangzhou Hi End Show


For those audiophiles who appreciate our Audiovector R 8 Arreté at the Hi End show. it is a kind of fate to know and experience this hi end loudspeaker.

This time, Audiovector R 8 Arreté is driven by Burmester. The audiophiles generally have good comments on the sound of this combination, and they feel that the tonal balance and sound are good. The hero behind the scenes is the Inakustik AIR Series cable, which allows the speakers and equipment to be used for each other.

Audiovector is famous and easy to drive. R 8 Arreté has a sensitivity of 92.5dB and can be driven by a low-power amplifier. This time it is driven by a Burmester high-power amplifier, which is also no problem. It shows that the R 8 Arreté is highly adaptable. As mentioned above, due to Audiovector’s open and peaceful charactristic, we have heard many Audiovector speakers (including R 8 Arreté) promoted by European, American and Japanese brand amplifiers and source equipment in Hong Kong, Denmark and Germany, which left a deep impression on people. So enthusiasts who are going to choose Audiovector don't have to worry.