2022 Hong Kong Hi End AV Exhibition Review


The three-day New Wellwick demonstration activity in room S429 of the exhibition ended successfully, but the excitement has not yet subsided....
In this exhibition, we demonstrate the sound. The Dynaudio flagship model Confidence 60 is driven by Octave Jubilee system. Needless to say, this is a hi-end match.

The Dynaudio's strength is in the power of the sound: it's straight, pure, responsive, and immersive, combined with a rare sense of realism. This time, we experienced it deeply. Based on the comprehensive performance of Dynaudio, as a flagship model, it is absolutely necessary to connect it to tube amplifier, solid state amplifier or hybrid amplifier. In addition, Confidence 60 is not particularly difficult to drive, as long as the quality of the matching equipment is higher, the more it can reflect the amazing faithful potential of Confidence 60 in a large room.

When it comes to front end equipment, Lector is a small Italian factory and is good at fine workmanship. Its sound is naturally musical, but its unique strength is that it has excellent transient response as well, so the information is particularly rich in detail. It is worth mentioning that the price of these four-piece source equipment of Lector is less than six figures, which is really surprising...

Yes, it is not uncommon to succeed in one fell swoop, the main premise is that it must be carefully planned and prepared in advance. We specially used different series of cables from Inakustik for this system, and fine-tuned the sound based on its solid foundation. In addition, the Inakustik AC-4500 power station supplied power for the entire system (including the power amplifier), to further develop the potential of the system, should be credited.

On the overall effect, this system is neutral, true, stable and reliable. Due to the large amount of information, the music is very emotional and well-defined, and the soundstage is huge and has a sense of presence, which moved many enthusiasts on the third day!

Yes, this is high fidelity, realism.