Inakustik in Guangzhou


At the 2023 Guangzhou Exhibition, New Wellwick used Inakustik silver and copper air cables to demonstrate the system, and brought out the potential of the famous Burmester and Tidal, leaving a deep impression on audiophiles.

Once upon a time, we used Lector, Moonriver, Dynaudio, PMC, Octive, Burmester and other products to match Inakustik, reflecting the strong adaptability of Inakustik cables, which left a deep impression on audiophiles.

That's right, we choose the cable to act as sole agent, the first condition is that it has as low signal loss as possible and faithfully replays the recording. At the same time, due to the design and cost of Inakustik, the sounds of different series are more or less different...Because of this, Inakustik has good features and strong adaptability, and there are great opportunities for enthusiasts to use it together...

For this demonstration at the hotel, we also prepared Inakustik AC-4500 (6F) for Burmester and Tidal to give full play to the sound of the former two, and the explosion is calm and unhurried, and the full frequency is crystal clear. AC-4500 (6F) is used in conjunction with different series of cables from the same factory, and the sound stage, style, air sense, texture, transient response, layering and analysis capabilities of our sensory playback system have been brought into play to a considerable extent.

Since the cables, power amplifier and power supply are brand new products, the system has been run-in for a day, and at 4:00 pm the next day, the sound uniformity of the full frequency is obviously improved. At ten o'clock in the morning on the third day, the whole system was basically in the state. The performances of drumm, wind, solo, chorus, strings and piano, etc. dared to make the fans feel satisfied. They raised their mobile phones to record and uploaded them to their friends for appreciation. Many people came up to welcome us and told us that they especially like the sound here.

When it comes to exhibits, we have Inakustik from Germany, Lector from Italy, Densen from Denmark and Moonriver from Sweden, as well as Chord and Thorens from Richcoln. The display is simple and eye-catching.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to (Hong Kong) Music Union for coming to the interview.