The Audiovector R 1 Signature had won the 2020 Award!


SUPER AV AWARDS: “Outstanding Popularity Awards-2020”

It uses the R series (including the R 8 Arreté design concept), with excellent sound details and quick response. It's new R Evotech soft dome tweeter is particularly soft and natural, mellow and clear. The new ultra-light carbon fiber mid-bass has excellent dynamics, very low distortion, and easy to drive. Combined with a teardrop-shaped cabinet to reduce internal standing waves, music notes are clear and natural. R 1 Signature provides a precise sound stage and explosive force according to its size, and the price is much cheaper than R 1 Arreté, price is affordable.

。Treble driver:R Evotech
。Bass/mid drivers:6.5”Carbon
。Non parallel surfaces
。Frequency response:42–28 kHz
。Sensitivity:87 dB
。Impedance:8 Ohms
。Power handling:160 W
。Dimensions cm (H x W x D):37 x 19.6 x 29