Inakustik AC-3500P power filter won the Stereoplay 2020 Golden Ear Award!


The beginning and cause of the sound deterioration:
In principle, the music signal is modulated with household electricity. These useful signals have been mixed with the modulation and interference of other users in your home and nearby (the more common the use of technology, the more serious the situation). Therefore, doing a good job of power is the first key to the beautiful and strong sound of the replay system.

Inakustik AC-3500P power filter:

。Will not distort the sound
。On the basis of the original sound, the expressive power is obviously improved in many aspects, and the listening is the truth.

。Eliminate the interference of power supply and connected equipment itself, digital and switching power supplies are more needed
。Ultra-short circuit, fast transient response
。Supply enough power for equipment with different power consumption
。Built-in surge suppressor to protect equipment from voltage peaks