Especially recommend a very nice sound system!


This time we will not talk about the data, only the reasons for the match:

- Equipment characteristics - Densen has a direct and sharp character. The sound of the B-420XS CD player is like opening a window to look at the world outside the window. It is cloudy and sunny, far and near, red and green are distinct, musical instruments, and human voices are unique. The sound of the Densen B-130XS amplifier is open, unrestrained and smooth, the treble is full of vitality, the midrange is accurate and pure, the bass rhythm is good, the braking force is excellent, and the driving force is good, which promotes the Audiovector R3 Signature (2.5 way mini tower) speaker even It's so appropriate. The R3 Signature has a beautiful and gentle personality, but it is sensitive to the signal and has a large dynamic swing. It responds to various technical characteristics to make the audio stage exceed the expectations of enthusiasts.

- Cable characteristics - The audio system has to pay attention to how to use the cable, which can not only maximize the potential and effect, but also use it to adjust the sound to a certain extent. Therefore, it needs quality corresponding and characteristic matching. The sound of the Densen RCA signal line is obviously full of flesh and blood, enthusiasm, fast, and full of musical sense. The performance of the Densen CD player and amplifier as a finger is very surprising. The Inakustik Micro AIR LS-204XL speaker cable has the personality and advantages of both 3-suffix (sharpness) and AIR (sensation of presence). It has a strong texture in the vitality, which not only exerts the R3 Signature, but also has outstanding mobility and texture. Finally, there are two Inakustik AC-2502F power cords, neutral and accurate, as if "non-existence" is its real advantage.

- Conclusion - The sound of this sound system adheres to the principle of freedom and unrestrainedness, but does not tend to be wild and out of control. Instead, it is lively and enthusiastic, strong in vitality, strong in texture, and the music stage is calm and sound.




Densen B-420XS CD Player:

Densen B-130XS Integrated amplifier:

Densen RCA interconnect:

Audiovector R 3 Signature loudspeaker:

Inakustik Micro AIR LS-204XL speaker cable:

Inakustik AC-2502F power cable: