1NRG and Demagic CD are in stock!



Densen equipment needs to be upgraded, and the 1NRG external power supply will immediately help, which will significantly improve the original sound effect, and users do not need to sell or buy top models, and get better dynamics, higher definition, and darker background. This method of upgrading is economical and effective, and the effect is very good.

1NRG is a more advanced version than DNRG, with a built-in custom 300VA toroidal transformer, which transmits power through 9 discrete rectifier diodes and 25 custom Densen capacitors, creating an unparalleled 250.000µF power supply!

Without exception, 1NRG is designed and manufactured in Denmark and is suitable for the following models and their generations (LE, PLUS, XS): B-110, B-120, B-130, B-150, B-175, B-230, B-250, B-410, B-420, B-440, B-800.


DeMagic CD

Densen DeMagic is the cheapest and most effective way to discover the sound potential of audio systems!It cleans up the MID (Magnetic Induced Distortion) accumulated in the entire signal path from the optical head to the diaphragm of the speaker.

In terms of operation, the user plays the CD at the normal listening volume, waits about 3 minutes until the playback is complete, and then enjoys the music, which will bring you a pleasant surprise.
In effect, it provides a more open and larger sound field for the replay system with more details.
Physically, CD-magic eliminates the effects of DC leakage and other effects on all components used in audio components during playback. The reason behind this is that the small magnets in the signal path will face one direction over time. This will adversely affect the signal. DeMagic’s signal actually repositions the magnet, thereby breaking the magnetic field and its negative effects on the sound.

Did you know that Densen DeMagic CD sold more than 100,000 copies in 1999!