Audiophiles playing audio is about self-cultivation


A female audiophile said that she replaced a German Inakustik AC-2502F power cord for her HK$300,000 audio system front end source, and immediately felt that the full-range sound was obviously clear and solid, and felt alive. The speaker system the power can be accurately grasped and appropriately, and the image and thickness have been improved. Another focus of attention is that the mid- to high frequency the audio system is no longer intolerable....

What this female audiophile didn't know was that this AC-2502F power cord was also used in the HK$2,000,000 Audiovector/Burmester demonstration system of our Big Sale period a few months ago. The sound performance was relaxed and the overall effect was praised by friends who came in. From this point of view, audio system cares about matching, and how to properly schedule and use cables of different personalities is the key to the personal training of audiophiles and fine-tuning the sound effects. It seems that she has taken a valuable audio lesson from Inakustik AC-2502F, and she has begun to see the potential of AC-2502F and the importance of matching. In the future, she will follow this path and continue to move forward, and will definitely be happier.