For nearly half a century, sound has been our number one priority!


Dynaudio doesn't need superfluous, fancy designs or trendy symbols to beautify a product. Dynaudio's mission is to create the best sound it can. This means replaying music and sounds as close to the real experience as possible.
Dynaudio was founded in Skanderborg, Denmark in 1977, which means it has extensive experience in the production of high-end loudspeakers. The creation of premium loudspeakers begins with acoustic engineering, testing, and comparison. To reproduce great sound, Dynaudio relies heavily on the most sensitive analytical tool: Our ear. It makes all the difference. Second to none.

At Dynaudio, the best and most authentic sound experience is provided. Not by hyperbole - but by efficiency and precision! From materials to sound performance, every detail is meticulous.
All loudspeakers were measured in our lab's vast Jupiter testing facility. It features a massive 6m robotic measurement array, including 31 microphones, that measure the loudspeaker's impulse response, allowing Dynaudio's team of engineers to target and improve its performance in near real-time.