Come and try the Inakustik AC-4500US 2F!


Two days ago, Duncan (Music Union) and Late Kan (Review38), visited our Wanchai showroom to try out the sound effects of Inakustik's second-generation power processor AC-4500US 2F. They listened for a full two hours and gave a fair comment on the spot, which was reflected in the conversations between Music Union and Review38 with netizens on the same day. New Wellwick is very grateful to Duncan and Late Kan for their honest reports, and would like to thank them here.

It is worth mentioning that the two signal cables used in this system are in line with their tastes, which is completely within our expectations. Ha ha!

Demo system:
Inakustik AC-4500US 2F power filter
Lector CDP-707 CD player
Lector PSU-707 external power supply
Lector ZXT-70 hybrid amplifier (70W/8ohm)
Inakustik NF-204 Micro AIR signal Cable
Densen RCA signal cable
Inakustik AC-2502F power cord
Inakustik AC-2404 AIR power cord
Inakustik LS-2404 AIR speaker cable