Densen RCA signal cable


Although audio is a subjective thing, Thomas Sillesen has spent countless hours trying to get the Densen RCA cable out in the best possible way.

The Densen RCA is reasonably priced and has an extremely appealing sound - full of dynamism and warmth, suitable for use in most audio systems; it's a good fit for a Densen system of course. Thomas is right, listening is the only way to evaluate sound.

Thomas Sillesen said: "Over the years, many users have asked me which cables I use, and what would I recommend them? I always give the same manufacturer and brand name because that's what I use at home, But to be honest, I have never deliberately delved into this aspect, nor questioned it - until now... Every cable factory will tell you that of course the more expensive the cable, the better, and I will not tell you that there is no such thing in the world. There are better cables - one of the reasons is because music and sound are inherently subjective, but the problem is because they allow price/performance to go down. And I try to find what I think is the best cable. That is, with Best sound for a reasonable price. I'd say just listen because that's the only way to really evaluate high-fidelity sound.

We've spent countless hours figuring out the best way to make our signal cables, match our front end equipment to our amplifiers, and bring out the sonic character—as dynamic and warm as you've come to know from Densen systems. I've seen many people say they found the ideal system from Densen and then spent countless hours and money, trying to get them right. With this cable from Densen, my purpose is to encourage audiophiles to relax and spend more time enjoying the same passion we do - listening to great music through an audio system that will make you dance! "

The cable is constructed using an RCA casing custom made for Densen to utilize the unique characterictis of a single-ended design to the greatest extend possible. The cable itself is also a Densen special using a 5-strand irregular-conductor design sleeved in a special dielectric in order to bring out the most possible music to the destination of the signal carried in the cable.

Compare the Densen RCA directly to any of your current favorite cables in the same price range and we're sure you'll love it!

。Custom designed Densen RCA plugs
。Advanced construction consisting of 5 different conductors per wire
。1.5 meters in length
。Handmade in Denmark