Inakustik AC-4500US 2F power filter landed in Hong Kong


Inakustik introduces the new AC-4500US 2F power filter. It represents one of the latest and most sophisticated product masterpiece designed by the manufacturer. The preliminary information we have on hand is as follows:

 6 groups of independent filter circuits

3 groups of analog, 3 groups of digital dedicated

6 high quality US output sockets

High current input socket (IEC C20)

Aluminum housing, including brushed aluminum panels

 We have all the amplifiers and CD players powered by AC-4500US 2F, the sound is very detailed, the image is three-dimensional and strong, the time is clear, the transparency is high, and the stage is wide, so that the entire sound system can play better, as if it represents the original sound. As it should be.

 The AC-4500US 2F does not deliberately change the sound base of the playback system, which is very important for audiophiles of all kinds