The Secret of Inakustik Cable Base!


In audio forums, from time to time enthusiasts have doubts about the function and effect of the cable base, thinking it is a myth and ignoring its existence, because they do not have a deep understanding of the relevant physical phenomena. As far as New Wellwick is concerned, we pay attention to the placement of all types of cables in any demonstration event, because it affects the overall performance of the audio system. Enthusiasts only need to pay attention to it and compare it with ABA testing, and they will always find its function and existence value. With the aid of the well-designed cable base, the audio system further restores the expected performance, such as sound transparency, layering, and soundstage. The so-called accumulation of less makes more, the overall performance of the audio system has been improved.

Inakustik added:
Inakustik Cable Base is suitable for 10mm-25mm caliber cables. The base is covered with gel to further absorb residual vibration. As for how to apply Cable Base, it is divided into two types: open type and fixed type. The former is to place the wire on the rubber ring. It has three height options for easy wiring, and the two rubber rings firmly fix the wire and absorb vibration. When the wire is slightly moved, it will not slip from the wire holder and affect the function and effect. Because the wire can be choosing to fix it at a suitable height will help separate it from other cables and improve the effect. All in all, the Inakustik Cable Base is simple in design, easy to use, and highly adaptable, very practical and effective.