Success depends on strength, be proactive


The success of Inakustik lies in the fact that product development is unconstrained, and there are no unconventional ideas that are considered crazy and are not considered. The main premise is that Inakustik’s engineering staff must first be open-minded, and they must have sufficient electrical engineering and physics foundations. Thanks to years of accumulated development experience, they can already predict the sound direction of the product well today and share the worries of enthusiasts.

Inakustik develops products that involve any imagination, unconstrained drafting and calculation considerations. Initial ideas are sometimes discarded and rethought until detailed technical drawings can be built from the design. For development and implementation, the parent company behind Inakustik has its own cable factory, which is very convenient and practical, and even controls costs. In Inakustik's in-house workshop it is also possible to manufacture prototypes and bring them to perfection. Holger Wachsmann, head of product development, and his colleagues have been contributing a lot. The cable has been developed from pure copper to pure silver; layer is foamed with air to air insulation.

In recent years, the Inakustik product line has jumped from six-star suffix to AIR, and then to Micro AIR. The price is affordable and the quality is guaranteed. Many users know it. In addition, Inakustik expanded its technicians and production lines, and its electronic products ranged from the best-selling AC-3500P to the AC-4500 power filter, moving forward steadily.