2022 Munich Exhibition, Inakustik was awarded the Innovation Award!


"Good value for every penny spent. Perfect speaker cable for anyone. We were also impressed with the build." AUDIO 12-2021 | LS-204 Micro AIR
The famous German professional audio magazine AUDIO awarded Inakustik LS-204 Micro AIR with the "2022 Innovation Award".
(Source: Inakustik Factory FB)

  • Supplementary information:
    LS-204 Micro AIR Speaker Cable



  • Moderate energy, not bloated, suitable for both movement and stillness.
  • Full frequency balance, good frequency width.
  • Good analysis and details.
  • Good characteristics, simple and unbiased sound, strong texture but not rough, don't choose the audio system to match.
  • Delicate design, but due to the simplification of the production process, the selling price is super value.


  • Has 4 sets of concentric copper (Concentric copper).
  • Aiming at the problem of charge accumulation, the AIR Chambers "air mesh" structure reduces the use of speaker wire insulation, reduces storage capacitance, improves audio signal transmission characteristics, and makes the sound open.
  • Based on the overall structure, its inductance, capacitance and resistance are low.