HiFi Review : Best Buy of the Year 2022
Micro AIR LS-404 Speaker Cable

  • Outstanding Series after AIR Series
  • Flagship models
  • Uphold the concept of AIR technology
  • The design is precise and easy for pairing, because the main part is produced automatically, and the cost is reduced in an appropriate amount
  • 3m x 2
  • Micro AIR series: LS-404, LS-204XL, LS-204, and the entry-level LS-104.


  • Full frequency balance, smooth frequency width.
  • Strong texture, high density but not rough.
  • Energetic, not bloated.
  • Calm and relaxed under dynamics, suitable for both movement and stillness.
  • Analysis and details are also the most convincing in the same series.
  • Because of its good performance, pertinent sound, and lack of personality, it is easy to match with audio systems.
  • From high-quality small systems to large-scale systems in large places, the effect is amazing
  • Especially suitable for audiophiles who value smooth sound, texture, energy and mobility.


  • The overall structure has low inductance, capacitance and resistance.
  • Aiming at the problem of charge accumulation, use AIR Chambers "air chamber" structure. The amount of speaker wire insulation is reduced, the storage capacitance is reduced, the audio signal transmission is improved, and the sound is open.
  • It has 8 groups of concentric copper with the largest total cross-section in this series.
  • Pure copper and multi-core reduce resistance.