Densen's RCA Interconnect news release


Date: 2020-10-16

Despite being known for its award-winning amplifiers and source equipment, Densen is proud to announce the launch of the new Densen RCA Interconnect line. Densen, as a manufacturer of high-end amplifiers, seems to be an extraordinary act, but it is exactly the core of Densen's mission - Densen Director Thomas Sillesen explained:



"For many years, many users have been asking me which cables I use for my replay system, and what would I recommend them? I always give the same manufacturer and brand name because that is what I use at home, but To be honest, I have never deliberately deliberately delved into this aspect, nor have I questioned it—until now. I know what kind of wire I want and how I want it to make a sound. Once I find it, I don’t Question it and have been using it till now.

A few years ago, I lived in my own house on the island of Bornholm, Denmark. During a walk, I looked down from the cliff to the water below, while admiring the rock walls and mineral deposits, thinking that maybe I should explore a little bit. Perhaps there is something worthy of attention in the field of metals and wires, not just minerals and oxygen-free copper. Therefore, I bought a lot of wires and went home--not only expensive wires, but also just "normal" oxygen-free copper wires, and I started playing. I finally got to think that my trial process was over-at least for now. In the end I found a complete answer. Here, any Densen enthusiast-or actually an enthusiast who uses any audio system-can get the most out of their own funding. Every cable manufacturer will tell you that the more expensive the cable, the better, and I will not tell you that there is no better cable in the world-part of the reason is that music and audio are inherently subjective- But the problem is that they allow the benefits to continue to decline. For people who like to discover different wires and designs, what I want to say is to continue, please enjoy your feelings, but for everyone else-I try my best to find the best wire that I think is the best. In other words, get the best sound at a reasonable price. And I will not choose to discuss the wire material selection too deeply or talk about the wire five-core matrix weaving design for hours. On the contrary, I would say just listening, because this is the only way to truly evaluate high-fidelity audio.

We spent countless hours looking for the most ideal way to make signal lines, matching our source equipment and amplifiers, and giving full play to the sound characteristics-as dynamic and warmth as you have already known from the Densen system. I have seen many people say that they found the ideal system from Densen, and then spent countless hours and even more money trying to fit them together. Through this cable, I aim to encourage these users to relax and spend more time with us to enjoy the passion-listening to great music through this sound system that makes you want to dance! Life is short, don't waste yourself on dull stereos! "