Looking for the old and the new



Earlier, we checked the archives, time flies by the picture of Inakustik's global new product launch conference held in the German headquarters in 2011. That's right, we have been acting for Inakustik products for so many years. We trust each other, communicate closely with Inakustik, and have been happily working together. This can't explained in a few words.


The pictures illustrate the fact that Inakustik products are quite long-lived. For example, the six-star Referenz series in the picture is still selling well. The success factor is not the fancy packaging, gorgeous appearance, and vanity propaganda, but the factory. Every time a new product is designed, there is always a fairly mature and solid physical foundation behind it, so that it can perform well, have a good reputation, plus a reasonable price, so that been steadily moving forward in the market for many years. In 2017, Inakustik launched the LS-1603 Silver, which can be said to further extend the "3" series and bring the sound to a new field, becoming the stepping stone for Inakustik to explore the world of pure silver in the future.Having said that, from the pictures of the press conference, we can see that several old friends from the factory were on the scene nine years ago. Their appearance has hardly changed from today. I wish you all good health, prosperous business, and global victory over the COVID-19.