Denmark Audiovector R 3 Signature won the UK HI-FI+ HIGHLY COMMENDED 2020: FLOORSTANDING LOUDSPEAKER OF THE YEAR (UP TO £10,000)


 HI-FI+ 2020 HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD – Audiovector R 3 Signature


Review By Alan Sircom, HiFi+ Magazine, August 2020

The R 3’s tonal balance is just about spot-on, too. The treble isn’t too soft or too aggressive, the mid-range disappears nicely, and the bass is deep and controlled without sounding too dry or too fat…”

“…the R 3 Signature will fill a medium-sized room with graunching guitars, big, powerful drums, and hyped up vocals “

“Audiovector’s R 3 Signature is a loudspeaker with staying power, even if you decide not to take the upgrade path. If you do, it’s a stepping-stone to audio greatness, but given the R 3 Signature is pretty damn great, to begin with, this speaker might just be all you ever need…”



-Frequency Response: 26 Hz – 28 kHz

-Sensitivity: 91 dB/W/m

-Impedace: 8 Ohms

-Power Handling: 275 W

-X-over frequencies: 230/3100 Hz

-Principle: 2.5-way

-Bass system: Floor Bass Reflex

-Bass/mid drivers: 6.5”Carbon

-Treble driver: R Evotech

-Dimensions cm: 130.4 x 23 x 36 H / W / D (footprint)