The R 1 Series delivers a speedy response with great detail and dynamics. The design handles of percussions and bass notes easy in a clean, nimble and natural way. These 2-way, rear-ported stand-mount speakers, use a non-parallel tear drop design to minimize internal standing waves. Using concepts derived from their larger siblings, the R 6 & R 3 models, the R 1 Series delivers a precise soundstage with a sense of power and punch that belies their size. These little wonders leave the listener wanting more.

In order to take full advantage of the Audiovector tweeters and the hand assembled mid/bass drivers made with Aramid Composite membranes, the front baffle is narrow. The result is a smooth, precise sound diffusion – an ‘out of the box’ sound that keeps unwanted diffraction distortion to an absolute minimum.


At Audiovector we use only carefully selected real wood veneers. We offer a wide variety of custom paint finishes which are painted in Denmark. Availability on request. Standard finishes: African Rosewood Piano, Black Piano, Italian Walnut Matte, White Piano (Black Cloth Grille Included) ; Custom Piano Colours on request.

。Treble driver:R Evotech
。Bass/mid drivers:6.5”Carbon
。Non parallel surfaces
。Frequency response:42–28 kHz
。Sensitivity:87 dB
。Impedance:8 Ohms
。Power handling:160 W
。Dimensions cm (H x W x D):37 x 19.6 x 29