Densen CD-magic

Cleans the entire signal-path of your stereo

The reason behind this is that the small magnets in the signal-path become, with time, orientated in one direction. This produces a detrimental effect on the signal. The De-Magic signal actually relocates the magnets, and thereby breaks the magnetic field and its negative effect on the sound.

In 1997 the University of Seoul, Korea, carried out scientific tests that definitely proved the theory behind the De-Magic signal. Today the De-Magic has been sold in more than 100,000 copies worldwide and has become a must for any serious audiophile and music lover. It is okay to be sceptical, but once you have tried it you will not believe the effect. The De-Magic is relatively inexpensive as well.

Did you know the Densen CD-magic went gold on August 16 th 1999 with more than 100.000 copies sold!

Formerly known as the Densen DeMagic (name was changed to avoid confusion with the later introduced DVD-magic), the Densen CD-magic is a cheap way to enhance the sonic performance of any stereo-system – not just Densen.

The Densen CD-magic cleans the entire signal-path of your stereo – all the way from the laser-head of the CD-transport to the membranes of your speakers – of accumulated MID (Magnetic Introduced Distortion). Play the CD at normal listening levels and wait the aproximately 3 minutes until the playback is complete and then enjoy the music from your CD or LP.

The CD emits a mixed-frequency signal that is not listener-friendly, so it is advisable to leave the room while playing. The demagnetization gives most systems a more open and larger soundstage with more details.

The Densen CD-magic went gold all the way back in 1999! This isn’t because it’s a great record to listen to, but because so many people have experienced the musical benefits of this inexpensive Compact Disc.

The CD-magic cleans the entire signal path of magnetism which has been built up during playback, due to DC leakage and other influences on all the parts used in the audio components.

This magnetism results in magnetic introduced distortion (MID), where the magnetic fields distort the audio signal. By removing the MID with the CD-magic you get a much clearer, more dynamic, detailed and transparent sound.

Specs & Features
。Runtime: 3 minutes
。Recommended use: Once a month