LS-1603 SILVER Speaker Cable


The LS-1603 Silver controls all facets of the sound spectrum; from the subtle symbol clash of a jazz percussionist to the sententious voice of a female soul singer to the roaring final chord of a symphony orchestra. The basis for this is the specially developed high-speed waveguide technology. Oxygen-free copper (OFC) wires are wrapped around a polyethylene core and provided with the proven DUO-PE II insulation. The LS-1603 Silver has 16 of these high-speed waveguides, which are finely tuned to each other and stranded in groups around a polyethylene support (16-fold multicore).

To augment the high-speed waveguide conductor design, the surface of each individual copper wire is silver-plated. This is a more conductive material for high frequencies that are carried on the conductor surface due to the skin effect, and the complex music sugnal is carried with less loss. This is yet another fine-tuning for crystal clear sound.

As the frequency rises, the signal increasingly flows on the conductor surface. The higher the frequency, the lower the effective cross-section, and the greater the resistence. The cable sounds “bass-heavy”. The conductors from the Referenz speaker cable have a core made of polyethylene. In this way a circular waveguide is formed and the actual cross-section used is the same for all sound frequenies. On the Super Speed waveguides, a layer of lacquer insulates the copper wires from each other and prevents unwanted eddy currents. The result: a homogeneous, balanced speaker cable with a wide-ranging sound spectrum.

。16-fold Multicore
。High Speed waveguide technology
。Silver plated conductors
。Concentric Copper
。DUO-PE II insulation around each conductor
。PE network jacket reduces micro-vibrations and capacitance
。High Power Management
。Silver Screw Type connectors
。Single wire