ZAX-70 Hi-Current Output Integrated Amplifier

New rounded shape for all new design solid state integrated amplifier


FEATURES Technology meet design based on new case for better rigidity and mechanical vibration control: 。All transistors design circuit (no IC on signal path) 。Hi-current circuit by bypolar transistors as 12 amp output peak 。Only one capacitor on signal path as hi quality film (no electrolitics on signal path) 。No current output limitation circuits 。Design meet very low impedance module loudspeakers output stage 。Volume remote controller (ALPS blue velvet) 。Blue LED on volume knob 。Special machined anti-statics knob 。Passive output volume control for active subwoofer or headphones amplifier 。No any mechanical vibration from power transformer, new technology design 。Controlled vibration chassis design 。Remote control 。Feet Spikes kit 。Iso footer feet kit



PERFORMANCE 。Power Output @ 8 Ohm:70 W RMS per Channel 。Damping Factor @ 100 Hz: > 100 。Frequency Response -1.5 dB @ max.power:10 - 50 kHz 。Sensibility for all line inputs:200 mV 。Voltage output tape recorder:150 mV 。Total Harmonic Distortion:0.1 % 。Signal to noise Ratio:>100 dB 。Input line impedance:50 Kohm / 220 pF 。Power supply and power consumption:110/220 VAC 190 W 50/60 Hz 。Dimension (H x W x D):300 x 108 x 430 mm 。Weight (Net):10 Kg 。Designed and made in Italy