ZXT-70 Hybrid integrated line amplifier

(tube + mosfet)

From inventor of hybrid technology : New integrated amplifier with real innovative mosfet output circuity. Automatic bias control as perfect matching complementary mosfet at 100% compatibility pair reduce drastically any distorsion factor.

。Hybrid technology with proprietary mosfet output device ( automatic idle bias control!)
。Two valve-tubes as preamplification stage operating into class A
。5 inputs stereo line
。1 output rec
。1 pair of speaker out
。Volume by remote control handset
。Pre stage tubes: 2 x 6922/ ECC-88 ultra low noise
。Optical bias control on tube section
。Power output: 70 Watt per channel @ 8 ohm , 100 Watt per channel @ 4 ohm
。Hi quality sound as VFI700 class
。Designed and made in Italy