Digidrive TL-3 CD Transport

Reference CD-Player toploading transport

Mechanics has become a rare expertise in these all electronics times.Although mechanics act as the heart of the very source,improvments and research are focused on the electronic aspect only.A very small number of sophisticated mechanisms are available in the market but they all come from mass production technics not suitable for top quality music reproduction. The Digidrive Top-Loading reference transport combine our long experience in design and physics applied to High End Audio with pure mechanism,advanced electronics,audiophile detail and all facilities to open a new dimension in musical enjoyment. A special material as aluminium cabinet, output digital transformers and hi-quality servo drive electronics section provides a right balancing for true-genuine performance. A genuine top loading CD-Player don’t have a center disc stabilizer integrated with top cover but the disc stabilizer must be free to insert manually in center disc. The massive one piece plexiglass solid front board,the one piece of aluminium body especially the large internal structure off brass guarantee exceptional rigidity and mechanical stability.

。SPDIF (1 RCA and 1 BNC direct) – AES / EBU XLR digital output connectors (on-series)
。True-genuine top loading magnetic stabilized (on-series)
。Opto output digital output by: Toslink (basic solution) (optional)
。HAFO ST-II (hi-quality solution) (optional)
。Original remote control handset with display on/off switch (on-series)
。Hi-reliability cd laser mechanism as high readibility
。Cherry wood veenerede side panels or solid black plexiglas (on-series)