SR6 Avantgarde Arreté

In the winter of 2000, Lars Mathiesen (industrial designer) and Ole Klifoth were travelling the bounty islands of the Pacific. With no other aim than to visit a totally different part of the world.
One night at a bounty beach, after a few drinks, they sketched what later became the 6-series in the sand. They became so fond of the teardrop shape – because of its combination of form and function –that they drew it on the back of an envelope and brought it home to cold Copenhagen.
After some months of work, the Audiovector teardrop shape was finally born. And thus the 6-series, which is now the SR 6–series.
Originally a fine tuned development based on the SR 6 Avantgarde, the Arreté reflects our aim for the ultimate sound quality. The means to achieve this are better materials, more advanced technology and fine tuning – lots and lots of fine tuning.

The original S 6 Avantgarde was our first model in this range. Now vastly improved and named SR 6 Avantgarde, this speaker is beautiful visually as well as sonically.


A downfiring woofer is housed in the plinth and works as a subwoofer and support for the twin drivers taking care of the midrange.


We use twin drivers in order to achieve a virtually distortion-free performance which has plenty of membrane area to reproduce even the most complex signals in a clean and authentic way.


The treble unit is based on the original Air Motion Transformer invented by Dr. Oscar Heil in the late 1960s. We have developed this driver to work in an SEC system (open to the rear) to reduce distortion and improve clarity. It ranges from 2.900 Hz to 55.000 Hz! Download brochure.


The SR 6 Avantgarde can be upgraded to SR 6 Avantgarde Arreté. 

Product specification:
Tweeter Type:Avantgarde Air Motion Transfomer Ultra Arreté
SEC Treble System:Yes
Non Parallel Surfaces:Yes
2nd. gen. DFF Crossover:Yes
NCS Freeze Technology:Yes
Frequency Range (-6 dB):24 - 52 kHz
Sensitivity (8 ohm):92.5 dB
Nominal Impedance:8 Ω
Crossover Frequencies:80 / 350 / 2800 Hz
Power Handling:450 W
Height / Width / Depth (cm):125 x 24 x 36